9/11 2007

iPhone iJack


Bij Apple zijn ze echt van alle markten thuis. Ze begeven zich zelfs op markten zonder het te weten. Na de beruchte overvallen op iPod owners wordt er nu volop "ge-iJacked" op de iPhone. If you have one and using it on the street..watch ya back!

Police warned owners of Apple’s new iPhone yesterday to hide the handsets in public amid fears that they could be the target of muggers. Scotland Yard believes that high-value handsets are the driving force behind street robberies, especially among young people. The warning comes as stores across Britain are preparing for the launch tomorrow of what has been described as the "God phone". Queues are expected to form early tomorrow outside more than 1,300 Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse shops, which will be selling the £269 device from precisely 6.02pm |bron|

iJacking = Muggin’ someone for an Apple product

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