19/7 2007

when you care enough…


…to hit send
Eindelijk nog eens leuke e-cards:

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Een leuke variatie hierop is www.annoyingcoworker.net waarbij je anoniem even je ongezoute mening kan spuien op die irritante collega die steeds in zijn neus zit te frunniken, scheten laat of witte sokken draagt… Hate mail… what we do without it! Ook leuk om eens door de messages te browsen, dan weet je meteen dat je niet de enige bent met fubar collega’s, een greep uit het aanbod:

  • If I have to listen to one more second of your constant pen clicking I am going to go into a fit of rage and shove that pen up your ass sideways! Knock it off you annoying jerk!
  • You are pretty – it’s not necessary to always wear shirts cut so low that your big, soft boobs hang out of them. You are showing so much cleavage that even I can’t look away — and I’m a chick.

    Buy a shirt that has buttons, and for the love of all that’s holy, use them!

    PS – You might not have noticed, but we work for a construction company. There are a lot of men and every single one stares at your chest. They can’t help it. It’s the first thing they see when they walk in.

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